Punk-ah in the Park

LOCATION / Greenwich Park, London

TYPE / Civic



The brief was set to design a bridge building to host a fan museum for the 21st century, situated in the Borough of Greenwich.


To begin the design process a masterplan was drawn up, information from the local UDP was used to map accurate layers of data for the wider area and gain a sense of the demographic that would become the end user. The primary objective was to find a site that would be ideal for the type of building, in this case a public museum that would also require archival storage facilities. After various experimentations it was decided that, what was once referred to as ‘the Giant Steps’ a top the Observatory hill would be the prime location for the building.


There were many iterations of the design, and they varied quite significantly. This was due to the nature of the site and it’s steep topography, there is a 20m change in height from one entrance to the other. This made it challenging but was also a learning curve.

Project Outline

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Fig.1 – Perspective view of the South West elevation in context of the surrounding site Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory buildings. The building is shown on midday of the winter solstice which is when the shadows will be cast with the largest surface area coverage.

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Fig.2 – West facing elevations of the building locating the main access for the museum’s archival storage via shutters that lead through into private office space. The roof spans to the floor in places to create privacy and shade. The shadows here are cast at their shortest at midday on the summer solstice.

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Fig.3 – North facing view showing the main entrance to the building opposite the Observatory and the connecting relationship with the existing pathway and viewing platform. The existing topography of the site will ensure the view is maintained as the building steps down. In this image the steel connections for the flitch beam frame can be seen.

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Research + working sketches