Soho Articulations

LOCATION / Electricity substation of the corner of Ganton Street and Marshall Street, Soho, London UK

TYPE / Building façade, public threshold



From a choice of three London based façades, the task was set to create a series of articulations by using addition or subtraction from the chosen fačade. We were briefed to disregard the current use of the building and to consider what it could used for in the future. The proposal would assess how the proposed articulations would integrate into the existing street context.


The electricity sub station in Soho has a stacked corrugated concrete façade with varying lengths of extrusions. The initial idea for a proposal was to create an improved publicly accessible face to the building by tracing lines and subtracting.


To build a series of shaped windows by removing selected concrete panels from both façades, a main entrance door will be installed via a new raised walkway on Ganton Street.


Project Outline
A key study for the design of the articulations were the works of Agnes Martin and Paul Klee.